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South Africa South Africa

South Africa

ICAT has supported South Africa to strengthen the capacity to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate effective and efficient adaptation actions. The first ICAT project, implemented together with CSIR, focused on establishing an M&E framework for disaster risk reduction actions and included the development for tools for M&E and indicators and building capacity of the key identified stakeholders. As a result, a (i) Multihazard Early Warning System (MH-EWS) M&E Framework was developed for South Africa and later followed by the elaboration of a (ii) draft framework for the M&E of impacts of climate and weather-related disasters. Currently, ICAT is engaging with South Africa on the development of a just transition M&E framework, including the identification of tracking indicators, key stakeholders, draft of institutional arrangements and communication and outreach activities.

Project 2


Develop a Just Transition M&E System for South Africa that is sufficient to support policymakers in making informed decisions, such as monitoring the progress, and reporting to the stakeholders.


  • M&E of just transitions M&E of just transitions
Status: In progress
Start date: December, 2022
  • Preparation
  • Data gathering and develop approach
  • Apply the approach
  • Communications and outreach

Deliverables will be made available here as the project progresses.

Project 1


Enhance the M&E of adaptation responses in disaster risk reduction  and early warning. Enhance the M&E of the impacts of weather and climate disasters and improve the M&E of adaptation responses in centred on flooding in coastal cities.


  • M&E of adaptation M&E of adaptation
Status: complete
Start date: August, 2019
End date: February, 2023
  • Refine existing measures for M&E in the area of disaster risk reduction
  • Define indicators and assess what can be improved
  • Develop a better understanding of the tools available which can support refining the indicators and assessing the associated capacity building needs
  • Tracking the effectiveness of adaptation actions for early warning systems in support of one of the country’s key adaptation priorities
  • Review of existing M&E approaches, best practice methodologies
  • Testing and refinement of methods, tools and indicators on selected case studies for flood early warning systems.
  • Development of indicators for use in case studies though stakeholder consultation.



If you want to find out more about the ICAT project in South Africa, please contact the ICAT Secretariat.