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The project is supporting capacity-building to monitor the implementation and impact of mitigation actions defined in Niger’s revised NDC for the energy and AFOLU sectors. The work plan also aims at putting in place tools and a tracking system for the implementation of the NDC. Furthermore, the project will explore the development of a tracking system for international financial flows and apply ICAT’s tools/methodologies where relevant. Knowledge and lessons learned will be shared accordingly through workshops and reports.


Tools used in this project

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC)


National Communications



Biennial update reports


Develop Niger’s capacity to monitor the implementation and impact of mitigation actions identified in its updated NDC for the Energy and AFOLU sectors, including the set-up of monitoring tools and mechanisms. In addition, explore options for setting up a system to monitor national and international climate finance.


  • Climate finance tracking Climate finance tracking
  • MRV frameworks MRV frameworks
  • Policy assessment Policy assessment
Status: In progress
Start date: February, 2022
  • Develop and/or improve the transparency system in relation to mitigation measures in the Energy and AFOLU sectors
  • Support the implementation and strengthening of the NDC
  • Initiate reflections on the implementation of the climate finance monitoring system
  • Share knowledge and lessons learned


Implementing Partner Contact
Julien Vincent
Julien Vincent