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The SINAMECC system, which is Costa Rica’s National Climate Change Metrics System (Sistema Nacional de Métrica de Cambio Climático, SINAMECC), was specifically designed to improve evidence-based decision making on climate action and policy. In particular, it provides support for data collection and management, GHG inventory calculations and data storage, a mitigation and adaptation action registry, sustainable development impact analysis and related data visualizations.

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Data collection and management features which can be used to automate or semi-automate data gathering and pre-processing for GHG inventory/BUR/NC/BTR development and NDC and policy MRV

A calculation engine to estimate the GHG inventory, based on the IPCC guidelines and gathered data

A mitigation action registry to keep track of and follow up on specific targets, policies and projects and their emissions

Data visualizations and open data portal to facilitate transparency and data sharing, simplifying the reporting process

Systems management functionalities including user access and automatic notification administration

SINAMECC helps to visualize better information about climate change. Governments can have much more clarity where emissions are being generated. Therefore, it will allow them to generate policies to reduce their emissions and implement them more effectively.

Ana Lucia Mora Moya, Adviser, Directorate of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment, Costa Rica


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If you would like to know more about SINAMECC or for any technical support issues, please contact Costa Rica’s Directorate of Climate Change.

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