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The first ICAT project supported Ghana in strengthening the MRV framework for the energy sector, including the identification of key stakeholders, definition of roles and the respective institutional arrangements. In addition, the project included an assessment of sustainable development benefits associated with policies in the energy sector. As part of the second project, existing mitigation options in the first NDC were evaluated and the GACMO model was used to enhance Ghana’s NDC, strengthen existing mitigation options and add new options. Currently, ICAT is supporting Ghana in assessing sustainable development impacts of the updated NDC and undertaking a quantitative evaluation of selected non-climate impacts from decarbonizing the urban transport sector.




Tools used in this project


Project 2


Use GACMO to develop an enhanced second NDC by strengthening existing mitigation options and adding new options, taking into consideration sustainable development benefits and cost of the NDC action.  


  • NDC tracking NDC tracking
  • Policy assessment Policy assessment
Status: In progress
Start date: July, 2020
  1. Strengthen the results of work undertaken in project 1.
  2. Application of GACMO for preparation of Ghana’s enhanced second NDC; evaluation of all mitigation options from the first NDC, strengthening of existing mitigation options and addition of new ones.
  3. Evaluation of SD benefits and cost of NDC action.

Project 1


Strengthen the MRV framework for the renewable energy sub-sector including aspects related to institutional arrangements, legal frameworks, and policies monitoring methodologies and procedures.


  • MRV frameworks MRV frameworks
  • Policy assessment Policy assessment
Status: complete
Start date: April, 2017
End date: June, 2020
  1. Barrier and gap analysis of the current MRV system
  2. Piloting of MRV work related to policies in the renewable energy sector, and sustainable development benefits associated with policies in the renewable energy sector


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