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Argentina Argentina


The ICAT projects in Argentina has been providing support to transparency efforts targeting multiple areas, such as assessing the greenhouse gas impacts of circular economy, analysing the effect of COVID-19 on emissions, counting emissions from the health sector, and linking climate action and sustainable development.


ICAT tools used in the country



Strengthen transparency frameworks through improved arrangements for the health sector, and assessing local response plans. Support the updating of the SNICC website of Argentina.


  • MRV frameworks MRV frameworks
  • Sectoral climate data systems Sectoral climate data systems
  • Subnational and non-state action Subnational and non-state action
Status: In progress
Start date: August, 2023
  • Establishment of the required institutional agreements for the estimation of GHG emissions from the health sector and vulnerability characterization of health care facilities in Argentina.
  • Assessment of the impact of climate change response plans (PRCC) at the subnational level in achieving national mitigation objectives.
  • Update of the SNICC website of Argentina, and include the latest results of the national GHG inventory (2019 and 2020).

Deliverables will be made available here as the project progresses.



Provision of support in the area of GHG inventory, NDC tracking progress and mid- and long-term strategy, also in relation to the update of the country’s NDC.


  • Policy assessment Policy assessment
  • Sectoral climate data systems Sectoral climate data systems
Status: complete
Start date: April, 2020
End date: August, 2023
  • Circular economy impacts on Argentina’s GHG inventory
  • Disruptive technologies and behaviors to 2050
  • Support in estimation of GHG reductions in LULUCF sector and in the enhancement of Argentina’s GHG emissions reporting form


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If you want to find out more about the ICAT projects in Argentina, please contact the ICAT Secretariat.