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Country Support

 Country Support

ICAT works closely with its partner countries to develop policy-focused, priority-driven projects that develop the information and data frameworks and related capacity to improve the implementation, tracking, and enhancement of their NDCs and reporting.

With a variety of support offers available, ICAT partner countries can choose the right mix of activities which best addresses their needs and national priorities.

What ICAT offers

Build or enhance a sectoral and/or economy wide measurement, reporting and verification framework.
Build a framework to track progress made in implementing and achieving nationally determined contributions submitted under Article 4 of the Paris Agreement, and evaluate them.
Provide and implement frameworks and tools necessary to estimate projections of greenhouse gas emissions and removals.
Assess the impacts of policies and measures for their expected or achieved impact in greenhouse gas emissions/removals, sustainable development, and/or transformational change.
Conduct an impact assessment of subnational and/or non-state actions, for example in the context of implementing and achieving nationally determined contributions.
Put in place a framework to track climate finance.
Build a monitoring and evaluation system of just transition processes.
Put in place a national or sectoral climate data system.
Build or enhance a framework for monitoring and evaluation of adaptation actions in one or several sectors.

Delivering hands-on support

Status of country engagement:
Agreement to collaborate by a government entity signed
Countries belonging to a Regional Climate Action Transparency Hub
Agreement to collaborate by a non-governmental entity signed
Formal letter to collaborate by a government entity issued, work plan under development

Call for Expressions of Interest: Partner Countries

ICAT is seeking Expressions of Interest from new partner countries to join the Initiative and receive support from ICAT to enhance domestic capacity for mitigation and adaptation action transparency, guided by the Enhanced Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement.

Tailored solutions

To learn more about how ICAT country support is coordinated and rolled out, please contact the ICAT Secretariat.

Country highlights


Strengthening climate transparency in Sri Lanka’s transport sector

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Enhancing climate action in Mozambique

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Mandating a national transparency system in the Dominican Republic

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