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Costa Rica Costa Rica

Costa Rica

ICAT supported Costa Rica to enhance and operationalize the National Climate Change Metrics System (SINAMECC), including support in ensuring that the legal and institutional aspects are in place. Costa Rica also piloted the ICAT Sustainable Development and Transformational Change methodologies, and proceeded to integrate sustainable development and transformational change considerations in SINAMECC.



ICAT tools used in the country


Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC)


National Communications

Available UNFCCC Reports


Biennial update reports

Project 1


Strengthen the capacities of the National Climate Change Metrics System (SINAMECC) as an articulator tool of transparent tracking and reporting of mitigation actions in Costa Rica.


  • MRV frameworks MRV frameworks
Status: complete
Start date: August, 2017
End date: September, 2019

Project 2


Develop further the analysis of the impacts associated with sustainable development and transformational change to support the implementation of the Decarbonisation Plan in a way that it takes a holistic approach to sustainable development, exploits synergies with the SDGs, and strengthens the efforts to establish a domestic carbon market.


  • Policy assessment Policy assessment
  • Sectoral climate data systems Sectoral climate data systems
Status: complete
Start date: April, 2020
End date: September, 2021
  • Update of operational guidance for SINAMECC based on the information generated by the pilots (SD and TC components of SINAMECC).
  • Assessment of Transformational Change as criterion for demonstrating “additionally” in a domestic carbon market.
  • Training to apply the sustainable development and transformational change components of the SINAMECC Operational Guidance.


If you want to find out more about the ICAT projects in Costa Rica, please contact the ICAT Secretariat.