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The first project took stock of the existing MRV system, particularly in the energy and transport sectors. Data types were mapped and the institutional framework that governs data collection, centralization and storage was identified. In addition, the project reviewed existing data collection and validation procedures as well as tools and methodologies. A roadmap for the national MRV system was developed. Stakeholders were trained in data collection methodologies and the GACMO tool. Currently, ICAT is supporting Senegal to set up a climate finance tracking framework. 

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC)



National Communications

Project 2


Establish a robust framework for tracking domestic and external climate finance.


  • Climate finance tracking Climate finance tracking
Status: In progress
Start date: July, 2023
  • Establish the institutional framework of the national MRV system for monitoring climate finance flows.
  • Ex-ante costing of mitigation and adaptation projects.
  • Operationalize the MRV web platform on climate finance integrated into the national MRV system.
  • Build the capacities of focal points and users on the MRV system.
  • Build the capacity to enhance resource mobilization for climate finance and implementation of the NDC.

Deliverables will be made available here as the project progresses.

Project 1


Establishment of a transparency framework allowing the monitoring of the actions of the NDC.


  • MRV frameworks MRV frameworks
Status: complete
Start date: February, 2018
End date: March, 2021


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If you want to find out more about the ICAT projects in Senegal, please contact the ICAT Secretariat.