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ICAT supported Chile in promoting action at the sub-national level for both state and non-state actors through the development of a recognition/certification system. This system encourages sub-national administrations in Chile and the private sector to enhance their technical capacities in carbon management. The project also assisted in the creation of an electronic platform to facilitate the calculation of regional and local carbon footprints and improve the technical carbon management capabilities of sub-national authorities. Currently, ICAT is working with Chile to support the integration of climate change adaptation and mitigation plans. 



ICAT tools used in the country

Project 2


Promote the incorporation of integration measures – mitigation and adaptation – in climate change management instruments at the national, subnational and organizational levels.


  • M&E of adaptation M&E of adaptation
  • Subnational and non-state action Subnational and non-state action
Status: In progress
Start date: July, 2023
  • Define the concept of integration measures based on an identification and characterization of mitigation and adaptation measures at the sectoral and subnational level, establishing the relationship of these integration measures with the current climate change management instruments.
  • Quantify the impacts of integration measures for their evaluation and prioritization in the preparation of sectoral plans, particularly the Biodiversity Sectoral Adaptation Plan (PSA).
  • Design follow-up indicators for the integration measures and propose an accounting mechanism, particularly for measures that absorb GHG through sinks in the LULUCF sector, to reflect the integration measures in the GHG inventory result.
  • Link the integration measures with the means of implementation in such a way that there is synergy in the development of the different climate management instruments, and their implementation.
  • Develop guidelines related to integration measures for the development of climate change management instruments at the national, subnational, and organizational levels.
  • Disseminate the lessons learned and good practices of the project to the counterparts of interest.

Deliverables will be made available here as the project progresses.

Project 1


Gap analysis of transparency rules, including sorting out the status of MRV, comparing rules to identify gaps and obstacles, and proposing sustainable institutional arrangements to support high-quality compliance, technical support systems, and working mechanism program.


  • MRV frameworks MRV frameworks
  • Sectoral climate data systems Sectoral climate data systems
  • Subnational and non-state action Subnational and non-state action
Status: complete
Start date: December, 2020
End date: January, 2022
  • Provision of adequate capacity to manage and implement an effective national MRV system to measure the performance of the targeted climate policies and actions and to effectively prepare for related reporting addressing the targeted policies and actions under the Enhanced Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement at sub-national level.
  • Application of good practice and tools that integrate transparency on climate policies and action with evidence-based policymaking, assessing the impacts (in term of GHG emissions, and socio-economic and sustainable development) of policies and measures at sub-national level.
  • Equipping regional policy makers and local authorities with the tools they need to identify benefits, synergies and actions from enhanced climate action and policy transparency.


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If you want to find out more about the ICAT projects in Chile, please contact the ICAT Secretariat.