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Malawi Malawi


ICAT is supporting Malawi to manage and track the implementation of its NDC actions, by building a system to measure greenhouse gasses, assess policies, and monitor mitigation and adaptation actions. The ICAT project is focused on the energy and agriculture sectors.


Enable Malawi to manage and track the implementation of its NDC mitigation actions by putting in place a framework for regular collection and management of the necessary data, including those needed to project GHG emissions/removals, assess the impact of relevant policies and measures, and develop appropriate indicators for reporting on progress achieved.


  • GHG projections GHG projections
  • M&E of adaptation M&E of adaptation
  • MRV frameworks MRV frameworks
  • NDC tracking NDC tracking
  • Policy assessment Policy assessment
Status: In progress
Start date: March, 2024

With a focus on the energy and agriculture sectors:

  • Develop and implement a framework to track progress made in implementing and achieving NDCs submitted under Article 4 of the Paris Agreement.

  • Develop and implement frameworks and tools necessary to estimate projections of GHG emissions and removals and assess the impact of policies and measures.

  • Develop and implement a framework for monitoring and evaluation of adaptation actions.

  • Build national capacity in using the tools and frameworks for tracking the NDC, estimating projections, and monitoring and evaluating actions.

Deliverables will become available here as the project implementation progresses.


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If you want to find out more about the ICAT project in the Malawi, please contact the ICAT Secretariat.