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Transport Climate Action Data Tool (TraCAD)

 Transport Climate Action Data Tool (TraCAD)
The Transport Climate Action Data Tool (TraCAD) supports and facilitates countries to systematically assess the impact of climate actions in the transport sector. It does this by streamlining all aspects of the data collection process, and offers standard methodologies, calculations and reporting in one place. It also guides users through the process, making it more straightforward to connect actions and policies with outcomes and costs, facilitating the design and tracking of nationally determined contributions (NDCs), and providing a more consistent and structured approach to data collection and assessment.
At present, TraCAD provides countries with the following 4 main functionalities:
  • Data collection and management
  • GHG impact assessment
  • Marginal abatement cost assessment
  • Tracking climate actions

The tool will be expanded later in 2023 to include additional sectors and functionalities, such as a GHG inventory module and interface with the UNFCCC reporter software.

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 The software is open source and free to use. If you are interested in TraCAD and wish to learn more about the tool and its potential application, please contact the ICAT Secretariat.


Licensing considerations:

The use of the Software and code is subject to an Open Source licence, with the following conditions:

Without limiting other conditions in the License, the grant of rights under the License will not include, and the License does not grant to you, the right to sell the Software and/or use the Arising Intellectual Property for profit and/or commercial purposes.

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Software: TraCAD

Licence: Affero GPL

Licensor: UNOPS (Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT))

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