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Tonga Tonga


ICAT is supporting Tonga to implement an effective national MRV system for electricity generation and road transport and develop an NDC tracking framework for the two sectors.

Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC)



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The project focuses on performing gaps and needs assessment of the national MRV frameworks for the Electricity Production and Road Transport sectors, building capacity for the improvement of GHG inventory elaboration and developing an NDC tracking framework for the two selected sectors.


  • MRV frameworks MRV frameworks
  • NDC tracking NDC tracking
Status: In progress
Start date: April, 2023
  • Needs and gap assessment of MRV/transparency in the energy and AFOLU sectors including synergies with other support initiatives.
  • Impact assessment of selected policies and actions for tracking progress of NDC implementation.
  • Institutional arrangements and capacity developed for interlinked data management of GHG and SD impacts and tracking progress of NDC implementation.

Deliverables will be made available here as the project progresses.


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If you want to find out more about the ICAT project in Tonga, please contact the ICAT Secretariat.