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Tool and Guides on Adaptation and Loss and Damage

 Tool and Guides on Adaptation and Loss and Damage

This series of three guides and an assessment tool is intended to assist decision makers to assess adaptation project proposals, assess the impacts of losses and damages, and track the implementation of adaptation activities on the ground. The series includes the following:

(i) Fostering successful adaptation projects: Assessment Tool & Guide
(ii) Guide for Assessing climate change-driven losses and damages;
(iii) Tracking progress on the ground: Guidance and good practices for integrating subnational and non-state actors into M&E systems for national climate change adaptation policies.

In addition to the above, “Reporting adaptation through the biennial transparency report: A practical explanation of the guidance” provides practitioners and technical experts with an understanding of what producing a BTR’s Adaptation Section (A-BTR) will involve in practice. In providing this understanding, this document makes an attempt to interpret the guidance for the A-BTR provided by the annex to decision 18/ CMA.1, as well as relevant aspects of other UNFCCC decisions, agreements, and publications.

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