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Publication of ICAT’s Policy Assessment Guides on Non-State and Subnational Action, Sustainable Development and Transformational Change in Spanish

ICAT’s Assessment Guides aim to help policymakers and other users assess the impacts of countries’ climate policies and actions. They can play a critical role in supporting effective policymaking, processes to prepare and implement Nationally Determined Contributions, and to prepare for reporting under the Enhanced Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement.

ICAT, with the support of Libelula, is translating three of its Policy Assessment Guides into Spanish, to enable Spanish-speaking countries to use the methodologies more easily and effectively. The ICAT methodologies being translated are the (i) Non-State and Subnational Action; (ii) Sustainable Development; (iii) Transformational Change

To improve the outreach of these new resources in Spanish, ICAT and Libelula have organized a webinar cycle so that interested parties can gain a deeper understanding of the use, applicability and value of the guides. Each translated guide will have an introductory webinar, followed by a deep-dive session to explain the content of the guide and a peer-to-peer session on its practical application.

Non-State and Subnational Actions Guide 

The Non-State and Subnational Actions guide is now available in Spanish and was launched via a webinar on 11 May, in which the Guide was presented, and the benefits of its application were discussed. A deep dive session into how the guide can be applied took place on 24 May and a peer to peer session sharing experience from application of the Guide in Colombia took place on 21 June. Links to recordings for all three sessions are below. 

Sustainable Development Guide

The release of the Sustainable Development Guide in Spanish was accompanied by the three webinars below:

Transformational Change Guide

The release of the Transformational Change Guide in Spanish was accompanied by the three webinars below: