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COP28 Side-event: Assessing and Tracking Climate Actions in the Transport Sector

22 November 2023

Wednesday, 6 December | 11:00 – 12:00 | UNOPS Pavilion ((B7-88, 2nd floor) & livestreaming

 With transport emissions increasing at a faster rate than emissions in other sectors, fundamental transformation is needed if the sector is to play its part in the transition to net zero global greenhouse gas emissions in the second half of the 21st century. Addressing this issue is crucial as transportation is essential to our daily lives and economy. Transparency frameworks and specialized data management tools in the transport sector can equip governments with the ability to track and assess the effectiveness of their policies and initiatives, ensuring that they are on track to meet climate goals, while fostering sustainable development and an enhanced quality of life for their citizens.

This event will focus on assessing and tracking climate actions in the transport sector, with a specific focus on using data for climate action. Representatives from Antigua and Barbuda and Cambodia will share their experiences, challenges and lessons learned through their work on transparency in the transport sector and the implementation of TraCAD in their countries. ClimateSI will present the example of the ICAT Transport Climate Action Data (TraCAD) tool. The tool is aimed at supporting and facilitating countries to systematically assess the impact of climate actions.

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Image: Shiva Reddy/Pixabay

COP28 Side-event: Assessing and Tracking Climate Actions in the Transport Sector