The Climate Action Aggregation Tool (CAAT) distils the step-by-step process laid out in the ICAT Non-State and Subnational Action Guide and was developed to support government experts, analysts and policymakers to identify, quantify and aggregate the impact of non-state and subnational actions. As a result, they can be integrated into mitigation targets, projections and scenarios in support of policy development, policy evaluation and target-setting.

Specifically, the CAAT enables users to (1) better quantify the impact of region, city, and business emissions reduction efforts, (2) evaluate how they overlap with or complement national policies, and (3) determine the impact of combined national and subnational efforts for integration into more holistic target-setting.

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If you would like to know more about the Climate Action Aggregation Tool or for any technical support issues, please contact ICAT’s Implementing Partners, NewClimate Institute or World Resources Institute.