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COP28 Side-event: Improving transparency of climate action in Central Africa

17 November 2023

Friday 8 December | 13:30—15:30 | Fonds Bleu Pavilion

Co-hosted with: ECCAS-CEEAC

The catastrophic impacts of climate change are already being felt by people in Central Africa, and these impacts are expected to become more severe in the future. Governments in the region are taking steps to mitigate and adapt to climate change, but more needs to be done. In this context, Central African countries have engaged in regional collaboration to build enhanced transparency frameworks in their countries for evidence-based policymaking and mobilization of climate finance. ICAT’s hub in Central Africa, hosted by ECCAS, supports eleven Central African countries to enhance their transparency frameworks and achieve effective climate action. A comprehensive analysis of gaps and needs has been conducted, based on which the countries have adopted tailored action plans. 

This event will highlight the accomplishments and future plans of ICAT’s Regional Climate Action Transparency Hub in Central Africa. Delegates from participating countries will present their national action plans and strategies for improving transparency, and further discuss important issues to ensure that the hub’s assessment findings accurately reflect the actual needs of countries. Speakers will include Ministers and high-level government officials from Central African countries, as well as representatives from ECCAS and the ICAT secretariat.

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COP28 Side-event: Improving transparency of climate action in Central Africa

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