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Out now: 2023 ICAT Impact report

19 February 2024

In 2023, ICAT supported developing countries across the world to strengthen their transparency efforts for more effective climate action. Through direct country support, regional collaboration and opportunities for knowledge sharing and capacity building, ICAT enabled countries to use data and transparency to advance implementation of the Paris Agreement.

In 2023, 12 countries completed their ICAT projects, while a further 33 projects are continuing beyond 2023. The scope of projects ranged from refining greenhouse gas emission inventories and measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) frameworks to tracking NDCs and assessing policies. Projects covered mitigation and adaptation, tracking of climate finance and of just transitions, all defined by the priorities of the partner country. Niger’s NDC tracking framework, Panama’s adaptation monitoring and evaluation system, and Cambodia’s data-driven approach to policy development are some of the highlights of what ICAT countries achieved in 2023.

ICAT hubs in Central Africa, Central Asia, and Central America fostered regional collaboration. The ICAT toolbox expanded and improved to meet country needs, with resources in key areas, such as adaptation and Article 6. ICAT’s events, workshops, and the ETF course effectively amplified knowledge sharing and building, empowering participants from across the globe.

Discover more about ICAT’s work in 2023 in the impact report.