New release: Proposed indicators to improve progress reporting on NDC implementation

Through the support of ICAT, ISPRA has released a new report that provides countries with relevant examples of indicators which can be used in pursuing domestic monitoring tasks as well as in reporting on progress towards the implementation and achievement of NDCs.

Such indicators may also be particularly helpful to developing countries as a reference to further develop and increase national indicators they will intend to use in either of these scenarios.

A very timely and useful publication, this report provides an overview of the current reporting provisions relevant for monitoring progress and using indicators, for both Annex I and non-Annex I Parties (Chapter 1).

Subsequently, it highlights the different starting points in the process of aligning to the new corresponding provisions set by the Paris Agreement and relevant subsequent decisions. A short description of the different existing NDC types and the associated challenges are also discussed, in conjunction with the available types of indicators and the requirements that those countries will have to meet.

Finally, a non-exclusive nor exhaustive list of indicators for both mitigation and adaptation is suggested (Chapter 3) based on the experience and expertise of the panel of authors.

For more information about the Report or for questions on any of the proposed indicators, please contact Federico Brocchieri.

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Image credit: Federico Brocchieri