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May 2018 Version of ICAT Guidance Now Available

30 May 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of the May 2018 version of ICAT Guidance.

The Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) aims to support transparency in reporting on the impacts of climate policies and actions. One component of this work is a series of guidance documents, which provides methods to help users assess the impacts of policies and actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, achieve sustainable development outcomes and drive transformational change.

Thank you to all who helped improve ICAT’s guidance by participating in the public consultation, which was open for 60 days from 26 July to 25 September 2017. We reviewed all comments received and prepared a summary of how each comment was considered to develop the May 2018 version of the guidance documents. Public comments on the methodological guidance helped ensure that the guidance is user-friendly and meets country needs. The consultation summary can be accessed here.

The ICAT series of guidance includes an Introductory Guide to the ten guidance documents shown in the figure below. You can explore the guidance here.

As part of ICAT’s ongoing capacity building efforts, we will be working with country partners to apply the guidance to specific policies and actions. We also encourage anyone interested to apply the guidance on their own. Should you decide to do so, kindly let us know to facilitate support and knowledge sharing. The guidance will be revised based on country case studies and the practical experience gained.

May 2018 Version of ICAT Guidance Now Available