Join the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency at COP23

This will be the second COP for the Initiative. Since our launch last year, we have developed and published for public consultation our full suite of draft guidance. Our experts will be presenting on the guidance as a whole as well as providing deep dives into selected documents. We will also share advances made thus far in initial capacity-building. If you are attending COP 23, we hope you will join us at one of our side events.

Our Events in Brief :
Supporting Enhanced Transparency of Climate Impacts
Wednesday 8 November • 11:15 – 12:15
IETA BusinessHub
Moderator: Monica Echegoyen (ICAT Coordinator). Speakers: Carolyn Ching (VCS), Karen Holm Olsen (UNEP DTU Partnership), Miriam L. Hinostroza (UNEP DTU Partnership)

Understanding Impact: Approaches to quantifying sustainable development impacts and non-state and subnational action contributions to national climate targets
Thursday 9 November • 09:00 – 11:00
German Development Institute Interconnections Zone
Speakers from World Resources Institute, NewClimate Institute and UNEP DTU Partnership

Events featuring ICAT Panelists:

Implementing NDCs: Diversity of Actors & Actions
Monday 6 November • 15:00-16:30
Meeting Room 4
Organiser: TERI & Sussex Energy Group

CBIT: Strengthening national capacities to meet enhanced transparency requirements 
Tuesday 7 November • 13:15-14:45
Meeting Room 2
Organiser: United Nations

Ready for the Enhanced Transparency Framework? – mastering BURs today, tracking NDCs tomorrow
Tuesday 7 November • 18:30-20:00
Meeting Room 4
Organiser: Georgia, International Climate Dialogue (ICD) and UNEP DTU Partnership

Supporting the Implementation of the MRV Arrangements and Transparency Framework
Monday 13 November • 13:15-14:45
Room 11
Organiser: UNFCCC

Please see our event flyer for more details.