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ICAT Spotlight out now: Transparency for the transport sector

25 March 2024

ICAT has published a new edition of the ICAT Spotlight, a quarterly newsletter that puts – as the name suggests – a spotlight on a particular aspect of transparency. It includes a feature story and spotlights recent developments in country projects, new resources in the ICAT toolbox and relevant events.

In this edition, the focus is on the transport sector, and the role of transparency in enabling its decarbonization in the most efficient and beneficial way. Climate action in transport is challenging but crucial. Carefully assessing the impacts of policies, both in terms of reducing emissions and on socio-economic parameters, is essential to make policies effective, and avoid policies that could set perverse incentives that actually increase emissions or policies that stifle the economy.

This Spotlight also features a summary of this year’s ICAT Community Meetings, which saw a rich exchange of knowledge on NDC tracking, policy assessment, climate finance, greenhouse gas projections, and more. More than 80 members of the ICAT community, friends and colleagues from ICAT countries and from implementing partners, came together in Bonn for an engaging knowledge sharing experience.

A new, updated version of the GACMO tool is now available. GACMO is a valuable resource to assess mitigation options that can be used to track implementation of existing NDCs, prepare NDC updates, and report on this in the BTR. Explore the tool and watch the recording of our latest webinar to find out more about its use.

New ICAT projects were launched in St. Kitts and Nevis, focused on energy, and in Morocco, focused on climate finance. It is encouraging to see more and more countries embrace transparency as a catalyst for well-planned and effective climate action.

Finally, this edition includes a call to register for the latest round of the ICAT e-learning course on climate transparency and the Paris Agreement’s ETF, open to anglophone participants from countries in the Balkans, Caucasus, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East! 

You can view the ICAT Spotlight here. Happy reading!