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ICAT Spotlight 8 out now: Transparency for transformational change

16 January 2024

ICAT has published the 8th edition of the ICAT Spotlight, a quarterly newsletter that puts – as the name suggests – a spotlight on a particular aspect of transparency through a variety of content. It includes feature stories and covers recent developments in country projects, new resources in the ICAT toolbox and relevant events.

In this edition, the focus is on transformational change, and the role of transparency in helping to ensure that climate action is truly transformational. Transformational change describes a fundamental shift in economic activity to achieve the global climate objectives. Transformational change is at the core of the global response to climate change. This edition covers ICAT’s Transformational Change Methodology and how it has been applied by countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Uganda. A toolkit to facilitate the application of the methodology will be available very soon!

This Spotlight also features the results and feedback of the latest round of ICAT’s blended-course on the ETF, delivered to francophone developing countries in 2023.  Furthermore, it presents articles on new ICAT projects launched in Vanuatu and Eswatini and updates from the ICAT regional hubs, including the launch of a new hub in Central America.

Finally, this Spotlight includes a summary of the highlights from ICAT’s participation in COP28 and of the ETF Dialogues held during the Africa and LAC climate weeks. These gatherings provided opportunities for knowledge sharing and showcase the significant progress made by ICAT countries in enhancing their transparency frameworks to drive more effective climate action. The 2024 ICAT community meetings are scheduled for February 2024, offering another chance to share experiences and insights.

You can view the ICAT Spotlight here. Happy reading!