ICAT at the Global NDC Conference: A Recap and Key Messages on Transparency

ICAT was a co-organizer of the Global NDC Conference, “Inspiring action and enabling change”, that took place 12-14 June 2019 in Berlin. The conference brought together more than 350 participants from over 80 countries worldwide. The main conference themes were “integrated governance”, “finance” and “transparency”, and the ICAT team co-led the work stream on the latter.

Work was conducted in some 40 dedicated break-out sessions focusing on specific topics, bringing together practical experience and approaches to advancing climate action through NDCs worldwide. ICAT also co-organized three sessions focusing on three transparency-related topics covering: transport-pricing policies; transformational change; and approaches to mobilising investment. 

To round out the work at the conference, the transparency work stream developed a set of key messages summarizing the discussions that took place at the conference. These messages can inform the efforts of governments, researchers, the private sector and other agencies as they raise the level of their climate ambition. 

View the “Key messages on Transparency” here.*

*According to the official conference website, these messages “do not represent a consensus view of participants, nor do they represent the official view of the sponsoring organisations.”