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COP 28 Side-event: Assessing the Transformational Impact of Climate Actions

22 November 2023

Monday, 4 December | 12:30 – 13:30 | UNOPS Pavilion (B7-88, 2nd floor) & livestreaming

The concept of transformational change has gained traction among climate change and sustainable development decision makers and practitioners, due to the radical changes required to meet the global goals for climate and sustainable development. This transition involves a fundamental shift from current practices to a new, more sustainable paradigm, encompassing social, economic, and environmental dimensions.

This event will delve into the concept of transformational change,  with a specific focus on assessing the potential transformational impact of climate actions. Climate SI and UNEP-CCC will present ICAT’s Transformational Change Methodology and the forthcoming Transformational Change Toolkit, while Argentina will share perspectives from the practical application of the Transformational Change Methodology. The Transformational Change Methodology defines transformational change for greenhouse gas mitigation and provides a stepwise approach to determining the extent to which a policy is truly transformational. The transformational change toolkit is an open-source software, which then facilitates the application of the methodology, by supporting the assessment of the transformational impact of climate actions in the following four areas: adaptation; portfolio of actions; carbon markets; and investment and private sector plans. 

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Image: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

COP 28 Side-event: Assessing the Transformational Impact of Climate Actions