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Call for Proposals: The Development of Capacity Building (CB) Modules for ICAT’s Renewable Energy Methodology

30 June 2022

ICAT has developed a number of guides and tools to support countries with their transparency efforts. These guides and tools are being applied in partner countries, including through support from ICAT. Among the guides are the ICAT Policy Assessment guides for assessing GHG, sustainable development, and transformational change impacts of policies and actions, as well as process guides on stakeholder participation and for technical review. 

Recently, ICAT developed capacity building (CB) modules for the Introductory, Sustainable Development, Transformational Change, Stakeholder Participation, Agriculture and Forestry guides. The CB modules are designed to support trainings and workshops on the application of the ICAT Assessment Guides in partner countries (and non-partner countries where relevant) to allow national experts and other local stakeholders to gain knowledge and experience with the methodologies in the guides and, ultimately, enhance national capacity in the use of the guides to develop and/or analyse national policies.

The CB modules are supplements to the guides. They provide an overview of the methodologies, examples, and exercises to use in capacity building trainings and workshops on the guides. The availability of general CB modules also provides Implementing Partners with a starting resource for providing solid foundational training on assessment approaches, which can then readily be leveraged into the capacity building interventions that are further tailored to country-specific assessments.

The ICAT Secretariat is now seeking a Grantee to develop sector-specific CB modules for the existing Renewable Energy (RE) Assessment Guide.

For more information about the specific activities, how to submit a proposal and supporting documentation, please visit the UN Global Marketplace.

Call for Proposals: The Development of Capacity Building (CB) Modules for ICAT’s Renewable Energy Methodology

Questions and clarification:

Please contact Teresa Schueler no later than 7 August 2022 (23.59 CEST). Requests for clarifications or questions submitted after this date will not be considered.

Deadline for proposals:

12 August 2022 (by 23:59 CEST).