Group Lead: Heather Jacobs | Verra | United States

Group Leads: Niklas Höhne & Markus Hagemann | NewClimate Institute |

Bamshad Houshyani | Greenovation | Netherlands

Belaynesh Birru | Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity of Ethiopia | Ethiopia

Chirag Gajjar | WRI, India | India

Derik Broekhoff | Stockholm Environment Institute | United States

Ernst Worrell | Utrecht University | Netherlands

Gil Nemesh | Independent | Germany

Jongikhaya Witi | Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa | South Africa

Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida | RdA – Climate Solutions | Portugal

Joyashree Roy | Jadavpur University | India

Matthew Brander | University of Edinburgh | United Kingdom

Miao Ren | Energy Institute, China | China

Miquel Muñoz | IRENA | United States

Sina Wartmann | Ricardo Energy & Environment | United Kingdom

Stan Kolar | Center for Clean Air Policy | Czech Republic

Steve Thorne | Independent | South Africa

William Wills | EOS Consulting | Brazil

Willy Alarcon | Independent | Peru

The Paris Agreement calls for an urgent, global and effective action against the irreversible impacts of climate change. In this regard, national policies defined by each party (e.g. under (I)NDC reports) become significantly relevant in order to quantify and report on countries’ impacts as well as the effectiveness of their policies. Defining a practical, user-friendly and globally avowed methodological framework is an important step towards to achievement of COP21 goals, that’s how ICAT’s role becomes important.

– Bamshad Houshyani, Founder of Greenovation