The ICAT series of guidance documents aims to support transparency and ambitious climate action by providing a toolbox of methods and guidance for the assessment of the GHG, sustainable development and transformational impacts of policies and actions.

The ICAT series is comprised of 10 guidance documents and the Introductory Guide. The Introductory Guide explains how the guidance documents relate to each other and can be used together. The core of the guidance is the impact assessment guidance, which is augmented by further process guidance on topics such as stakeholder participation and technical review.

The May 2018 versions of the ICAT series of guidance documents were applied by participating countries and other non-state actors to ensure they could be practically implemented. Feedback from these experiences informed the updated June 2019 versions of the guidance documents, which also include case studies from those applications. The revision summary, which can be accessed here, explains the changes made to the May 2018 version of the guidance documents in the context of feedback received from users.

Thank you for helping strengthen ICAT’s guidance documents by participating in this public consultation. Your comments will help ensure the guidance is clear and meets country needs. You can access PDF versions of the guidance and Word versions of the templates below, and provide comments by filling out a comment template to submit via email to Sinclair Vincent at svincent [at] verra [dot] org.

This public consultation for the June 2019 version of the ICAT series runs from
11 June to 10 July 2019.
Download the comment template here.

Guidance documents:


Please provide comments directly in the assessment or reporting template and submit via email to Sinclair Vincent at svincent [at] verra [dot] org.

Note: The May 2018 versions of the ICAT Buildings Efficiency Methodology and Agriculture Methodology were not revised. The Buildings Efficiency Methodology is an initial draft and will be revised at a future date to improve its usability. The Agriculture Methodology will be revised at a future date to expand the scope of the methodology. ICAT is also developing a methodological framework for adaptation. Each of these documents will be open for consultation at a future date.

After the consultation period, we will assess all comments and then provide reviewers with a summary of how comments have been considered in the preparation of the final versions of the guidance documents.

If you have any questions regarding the ICAT process, send an email to Sinclair Vincent at svincent [at] verra [dot] org.